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The startup visa program is a business immigration stream aimed at promoting economic development in Canada by attracting competitive companies worldwide.

In addition to stable business operations with investment support from Canadian investment firms, up to five people can apply for immigration as a group, including applicants, and their spouses and accompanying children can receive permanent residency at the same time.

For Canadian government-designated institutions (venture capital, angel investors, incubators), the standards for business plans required by each institution vary. You will be eligible to apply for immigration with a Letter of Support issued after the agency's review.

Application requirements

  • A minimum IELTS score of 5.0 or higher is required.

  • An existing career is necessary to apply.

  • A clean criminal record is mandatory.

  • You must have a residential intent.

  • Minimum settlement funds and proof of investment are required.

Application process

Analysis of customer application conditions
Confirmation of business ideas
Insurance of a Letter of Support
Submission of an immigration application
Monitoring of business progress
Approval of Permanent Residency (PR)
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