Parents study abroad, children enjoy free public education- Halifax

Canada is famous for its high quality educational resources. However, compared with the higher language requirements of universities, many applicants cannot meet the admission score. In this case, they can study in language schools to improve their English skills and adapt to the local culture and living environment.


Located in one of the four Atlantic provinces on Canada's east coast, Nova Scotia, or NS Province, has the best public education system in the world and is called Canada's "Education Capital". With a population of just over 920,000, it has more than 450 public primary and secondary schools, community colleges, 90 private colleges and 11 universities. It is currently one of the provinces with the most abundant educational resources in Canada. With a pleasant climate, NS province is the warmest province in Canada and is rated as one of the best places to live in the world. Moreover, the four Atlantic provinces actively develop favorable immigration policies, so NS student immigration application not only has very low conditions, but also relatively high approval rate. Therefore, NS province attracts more and more international students to study and apply for immigration settlement after further study.


Nova Scotia language School offers courses at all levels for students of different language levels. Listening, speaking, reading and writing, from the elementary level to the advanced level, can help you quickly transition to university courses. It has an unparalleled language environment in China.


Worth mentioning is that according to the relevant policies of NS province, parents study in NS province children can enjoy free public schools education, that is to say, if the parents study in  a language school or a college degree and above, then the children along with them can enjoy the local free primary education of high school. The benefit will also continue if you stay and work after graduation. So in recent years, Canada Atlantic four provinces especially NS province immigrant application numbers will increase rapidly.

Best Royal works with a number of local language institutions and has a letter of authorization to help international students with poor English grades make a smooth transition to university courses.


•    Language ability: No English requirement

•    Education: High school

Application process


(for high school graduates / none-spouse applicants, etc.)

Application process

Husband and wife apply

Project advantage

•     Low educational requirements

•    Fastest processing program

•    Suitable for a wide range of people

•    No need of LMIA



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