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Among U.S. Specialist Immigration Visas (EB-1), EB-1A is an Employment First Preference (E1) visa applicable to those with outstanding skills in science, art, education, business, or physical education.

Application Requirements

​In order to prove that the applicant has achieved recognizable achievements in his or her field of expertise and has achieved his or her home country or international reputation, he or she must submit evidence that meets the criteria of three of the ten specialties listed below. Of course, even if they do not accurately match the 10 items listed, documents with the ability to prove the applicant's excellent ability can be submitted.

• Evidence-winning organizations that have been recognized for excellence in specialties and have been awarded national and internationally recognized awards may also be accepted by less well-known organizations, in addition to being widely world-famous such as Pulitzer, Oscars, and Olympic medals.

• Proof that you are a member of an organization that grants membership only to people who have been recognized for excellence or performance in a particular field

• Evidence of publications covered by a particular field of expertise or major industrial media or major public media regarding the applicant


• Evidence of experience being personally or as part of a panel and being commissioned to examine the work of others in a particular field


• Evidence that the applicant has made a significant contribution to scientific, academic, artistic, athletic or business fields


• Evidence of the applicant's publication of an in-depth academic paper or article in a professional or major industrial booklet or major media



• Evidence of the applicant's work being introduced to the world through art exhibitions or performances


• Evidence of an applicant's leadership or other key role in a reputable institution or organization in the applicant's field of expertise


• Evidence that the applicant received a higher salary or remuneration compared to others in the applicant's field


• Evidence that the applicant has been commercially successful in the field of art

Application process

Client Evaluation
I-140 application and approval
DS-260 application and approval
Visa Interview
Visa Approval
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