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Immigration Through Education

Can I study abroad or immigrate even if I don't speak English? This is the guide to immigration after studying in Canada.

This program is for students who cannot apply for college or university due to lack of English, or those who are trying to immigrate to Canada but are struggling with language proficiency. If that’s the case then you can enroll in a language school in Nova Scotia (Canada) to improve your English, and then apply for the college or university that you desire.

After graduating from college or university, you can receive the Open Work Permit (PGWP). After working for a certain amount of time, you can choose to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada. This is considered to be the easiest way to immigrate to this lovely country.

Qualification: High school diploma or higher Target audience for the program: High school graduates and high school graduates who cannot apply for colleges and universities in Canada because of their inadequate language proficiency.

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