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Halifax-the hidden gem of the Atlantic region

Recreation activities.

The city of Halifax and the province of Nova Scotia are known for their beauty From the ocean-backed views of the Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse to the gorgeous landscape of the Cape Breton Highlands, and the bevy of lakes and provincial parks, nature lovers will rejoice in this eastern province of Canada.

Housing and fees.

Compare to other famous immigrant cities like Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal. The city of Halifax is somewhat more relaxed. The housing in Halifax is much more affordable. Although compare it is still higher than some smaller cities in the Atlantic region.


Like all of Canada, Halifax has a publicly-funded education system. Children are able to attend public schools at no cost up until the completion of high school. There are also private schooling options available in Halifax, for parents who are willing to pay for some of the advantages that come with private education. The city hosts several university campuses, including Dalhousie University, Mount St. Vincent University, and the University of King’s College.

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